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CEE Sponsored Programs

The Council for Environmental Education administers four leading programs in environmental education. All CEE programs are dedicated to teaching educators and their students how to think, not what to think about the environment.

CEE manages these programs at the national level:


Project WILD is a wildlife focused conservation education program for K-12 educators and their students.

Project WILD is one of the most widely-used conservation and environmental education programs among educators of students in kindergarten through high school. It is based on the premise that young people and educators have a vital interest in learning about our natural world. A national network of State Wildlife Agency Sponsors ensures that Project WILD is available nationwide --training educators in the many facets of the program. Emphasizing wildlife because of its intrinsic value, Project WILD addresses the need for human beings to develop as responsible citizens of our planet.

Click here to visit the Project WILD website.


Growing Up WILD is an early childhood education program that builds on a children's sense of wonder about nature and invites them to explore the wildlife and the world around them.

Growing Up WILD is designed for educators of children ages 3-7.  Through a wide range of activities and experiences, Growing Up WILD provides an early foundation for developing positive impressions about the natural world and lifelong social and academic skills.

Click here to visit the Growing Up WILD website.


In Flying WILD, students, teachers and the community come together to advance bird conservation.

Flying WILD, a new program of the Council for Environmental Education, introduces students to bird conservation through standards-based classroom activities and environmental stewardship projects.  Flying WILD encourages schools to work closely with conservation organizations, community groups, and businesses involved with birds to implement school bird festivals and bird conservation projects.

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WET in the City is an urban environmental education program that focuses on water resources.

WET in the City engages K-12 youth in hands-on activities that creatively explore the science of water, its cultural context, and complex issues surrounding its management and stewardship. The program is delivered at the local level, city by city, and targets urban educators with relevant, localized water education through a network of city partners.

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