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Mission Statement

The Council for Environmental Education's mission is to provide environmental education programs and services that promote stewardship of the environment and further the capacity of learners to make informed decisions.

To accomplish its mission...

CEE supports programs and partnerships for environmental education. The CEE network brings together:

  • Fish and Wildlife Agencies from across the nation
  • Classroom teachers and schools at every grade level in all 50 states
  • Public water utilities and government offices
  • State and regional organizations
  • Federal agencies and institutions
  • Conservation organizations
  • Head Start educators
  • Early childhood organizations
  • Corporate donors
  • International partners including Canada, Czech Republic, Iceland, India, Japan and Sweden
  • Community service organizations


A hallmark of CEE cosponsored programs...

is a commitment to balanced, non-biased environmental education. These programs have a strong foundation in:

    • Active approaches to learning
    • Cross-curriculum correlations
    • Assessment, evaluation, and reflection
    • NCLB fundamentals
    • NAAEE guidelines and Best Practices
    • Field-tested, hands-on activities



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